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Appendix L - FBtoC   appendix


FBtoC is the translation component of the FutureBasic package. Before using FutureBasic version 5 onwards along with FBtoC, you should have installed Apple's free Developer Tools (a.k.a. Xcode Tools), from your MacOS X install CDs or DVD.

The cross-development SDKs must be installed to create universal binaries. Also, only the native architecture of your Mac can be built unless the SDKs for prior (meaning releases prior to the one active where FutureBasic is installed) MacOS X releases are installed. The Finder view (below) of the Developer folder shows the optional MacOS X 10.4 and MacOS X 10.5 SDKs after installation on MacOS X 10.6. Cross-development is an optional part of the Xcode Tools install (from the MacOS X DVD or CDs):

Developer SDK

See Apple Documentation for more information about cross-development.


The FBtoC settings dialog is self-documenting by virtue of the titles, help tags, and grouping of the controls.