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appearance window( deprecated in 5.7.102 - recommend Window statement )   statement

appearance window [-] wNum[, [title][, [rect][, [windowClass][, [windowAttributes] ]]]]

Use this statement to do any of the following:
Appearance Window statement is deprecated in FB 5.7.102 in favor of the updated Window statement.
Appearance Window has the same functionality as the Window statement except it uses Quickdraw Rects and older window attributes.
Appearance Window remains as a transition tool for those using Quickdraw Rects for windows.

For a full description of window creation and options, please see the Window statement

Appearance Window parameters are specified as follows. They are interpreted slightly differently depending on whether you are creating a new window or altering an existing one.

Two diagonally opposite corner points.

Long integer expression or pointer variable which points to an 8-byte struct such as a Rect

   type windowClass - an unsigned long integer that specifies which type of Macintosh window to use ( i.e. the window's class ). To create a windowClass variable use the following syntax:
wc as WindowClass

windowClass   Description
  I need your attention now.
_kMovableAlertWindowClass   I need your attention now, but I'm kind enough to let you switch out of this app to do other things
_kModalWindowClass   system modal, not draggable
_kMovableModalWindowClass   application modal, draggable
_kFloatingWindowClass   floats above all other application windows. Available in OS 8.6 or later
_kDocumentWindowClass   document windows
_kDesktopWindowClass   the desktop
_kHelpWindowClass   help windows
_kSheetWindowClass   sheets
_kToolbarWindowClass   floats above docs, below floating windows
_kPlainWindowClass   plain
_kOverlayWindowClass   overlays
_kSheetAlertWindowClass   sheet alerts
_kAltPlainWindowClass   plain alerts

windowAttributes - this unsigned long integer describes the features and widgets available to a window such as a close box, grow box, or a collapse box. You can dimension a windowAttributes variable as follows:
dim wa as WindowAttributes
windowAttributes   Description
_kWindowCloseBoxAttribute   close box
_kWindowHorizontalZoomAttribute   horizontal zoom
_kWindowVerticalZoomAttribute   vertical zoom
_kWindowFullZoomAttribute   standard zoom
_kWindowCollapseBoxAttribute   collapse box (sends to MacOS X dock)
_kWindowResizableAttribute   grow box
_kWindowSideTitlebarAttribute   title on side for floating window
_kWindowNoUpdatesAttribute   does not receive update event
_kWindowNoActivatesAttribute   does not receive activate event
_kWindowToolbarButtonAttribute   has a toolbar button in title bar
_kWindowNoShadowAttribute   no drop shadow
_kWindowLiveResizeAttribute   resize events repeatedly sent while window is being sized
_kWindowStandardDocumentAttributes   close box, zoom box, collapse box, grow box
_kWindowStandardFloatingAttributes   close box, collapse box

See Also:
window statement; MaxWindow;MinWindow; get window; window close; window output; window function