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apple menu   statement

apple menu string

This statement inserts one or more items at the top of the Application Menu, and separates them from the existing Application Menu items with a grey dividing line. The string parameter contains the text of the item(s) as either Pascal or Core Foundation(CF) strings; to add multiple items, separate them with semicolons in string. Certain "meta characters" in string have special interpretations; see the menu statement for more information.
After you add items to the Apple Menu, you can use the menu function to detect when the user selects one of the items you've added.
If you execute apple menu more than once, any items you added to the Apple Menu previously will be completely replaced.

apple menu "About This Program;About Me..." // using Pascal string( works in FB 5.7.101 and prior
apple menu @"About This Program;About Me…" // CFString allows real elipsis - CFString required in FB 5.7.102+

        Apple Menu Image

See Also:
menu function; menu statement; on menu fn; HandleEvents