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cursor   statement

Syntax 1:
cursor cursorID

cursorID is interpreted as the resource ID of a 'crsr' (first choice) or a 'CURS' resource (alternative choice), and this statement changes the current cursor to the indicated cursor. The following cursor resources are always available:
_arrowCursor (0)
_iBeamCursor (1)
_crossCursor (2)
_plusCursor  (3)
_watchcursor (4)

If you've designed a csrs or a CURS resource of your own which you want to make available to your program, do the following:

  1. Assign a positive resource ID number, 128 or higher, to the resource.
  2. Copy the resource to the resources file which you reference in your program's resources statement.
You can then use the cursor statement to activate your cursor within the program.

Syntax 2:
cursor cursorID, _themeCursorStatic
cursor cursorID, _themeCursorAnimate // treated as _themeCursorStatic

Here, cursorID is one of: