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edit menu   statement

edit menu menuParm

This statement builds an edit menu (see illustration) with the following characteristics:
If menuParm is greater than zero, then it's interpreted as a menu ID number, and the menu shown in the illustration is put into the specified position (almost always "2") in the menu bar.
If an edit field is active in the current window, then selecting the Edit menu's Cut, Copy, Paste and Clear options will not generate FutureBasic Menu events (FutureBasic will handle these options transparently to your program). If the user selects any other item from the Edit menu, a Menu event will be generated.
If there is no active edit field in the current window, then all items in the Edit menu will generate Menu events.


If you wish to turn off automatic handling of Edit menu events, use:
edit menu 0

See Also:
menu function; menu statement; on menu; HandleEvents; edit field