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edit text   statement

edit text [#optionalFieldNum%,][font]¬ [,[size][,[style][,[mode][,foreRGB][,backRGB]]]]

If the active edit field or the field specified by #optionalFieldNum% in the current output window is a multistyled edit field, then edit text applies the specified text characteristics to any text which is currently selected. Also, any new text which is subsequently inserted at the current insertion point or within the current selection range will be displayed using the specified text characteristics.
If the active field (or the field specified by #optionalFieldNum%) is not a multistyled field, then edit text causes the specified text characteristics (except color) to be applied to all the text in the field.
The parameters have the following meanings. If you omit any parameters, the corresponding text characteristics won't be altered.
Multistyled fields not supported.

field number that should accept the font changes. When omitted, the active edit field is used.
font family ID
font size, in points
bold, italic, underline, etc. See the text statement for more information.
This parameter is currently ignored.

An RGB color record for the text color which could be dimensioned as: dim foreRGB as RGBColor

An RGB color record for the background color which could be dimensioned as: dim backRGB as RGBColor
See Also:
text; SetSelect; edit field