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kill picture   statement

kill picture pictureHandle&

This statement calls the Toolbox procedure KillPicture, which releases the memory occupied by the picture which is specified by pictureHandle&. This should be a handle that your program created using the picture on, picture off statements (or the Toolbox routines OpenPicture and ClosePicture). You should not use kill picture to release a picture handle that was created by other means (for example, a picture resource handle).
Warning: Do not use kill picture to kill a picture that is currently being displayed in a picture field. You must close the picture field first (using the edit field close statement) before calling kill picture.
Warning: You should make sure that pictureHandle& does not equal zero before calling kill picture. Disposing of a "nil handle" can cause problems on some older systems.

See Also:
picture statement; picture on/off; edit field close