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lprint   statement

lprint [@(col,row)|%(h,v)] [itemList]

This statement sends a line of text to the printer. The @(col,row) and %(h,v) options specify where on the page the line should be printed (see the print statement); if you don't specify one of these, the line is printed at the current pen position of the printing grafPort (this is usually just under the previously-printed line).
The lprint statement is equivalent to the following group of lines:
route _toPrinter
print [@(col,row)|%(h,v)] [itemList]
route _toScreen

lprint is inefficient if you are printing many lines to a page, because it reroutes the output each time lprint is executed. In such cases, it's better to execute a sequence of print statements, with the entire sequence preceded by a single route _toPrinter statement and followed by a single route _toScreen statement.

You should execute clear lprint or close lprint in order to cause the printed page to be put out, after you have finished printing to it.

See Also:
print; clear lprint; close lprint; route