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pen   statement

pen [penWidth][,[penHeight][,[visible][,[mode][,pattern]]]]

This statement alters the characteristics of the drawing "pen" in the current output window. The pen characteristics affect the appearance of QuickDraw shapes (lines, ovals, rectangles, etc.) that are subsequently drawn in the window. If you omit any parameter, the corresponding characteristic is not altered. The parameters are interpreted as follows:
nbsp;penHeight and penWidth
These specify the height and width of the pen in pixels. They must be positive integers. Taller, wider pen sizes produce thicker lines and borders.
If you set this to _false, subsequent drawing won't be visible on the screen (but it will still be "recorded," if you have turned on picture recording (see the picture onstatement)). If you set visible to _true, subsequent drawing will be visible.
This determines how the pen behaves when you draw over existing images in the window. Usually you will use one of the following constants:
_notPatXor _adMin
This determines the pattern that will be used to draw lines, and to frame or fill shapes. Specify a number in the range 0 through 37 to get one of the following system patterns:

PEN statement Image

To change the pen's color, use the color or long color statement. To change the appearance of text, use the text statement.

See Also:
plot; box; circle; fill; color; long color; text