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plot   statement

plot h,v
plot to h,v
plot h1,v1 to h2,v2 [to h3,v3 ...]

This function draws a "point," a line, or a series of connected lines, in the current output window, using the current pen size, pen mode, pen pattern and foreground color.
If you use the first syntax, a single "point" is drawn. This will actually be a little rectangular block whose dimensions are the same as the pen's width and height, with its upper-left corner at point (h,v).
If you use the second syntax, a line is drawn, having one endpoint at (h,v). The line's other endpoint will be one of the following:
If you use the third syntax, a line or a series of connected lines is drawn, with endpoints at the specified points.

See Also:
pen; box; color; long color