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string$ & string$$   function

stringOfChars$ = string$(numChars,{char$|asciiValue%})
container$$ = string$$(numChars,{char$|asciiValue%})

This function returns a string or a container consisting of numChars repetitions of a single character. If you specify a string (char$) in the second parameter, the first character of char$ is repeated. If you specify a number (asciiValue%) in the second parameter, string$ repeats the character whose ASCII value is asciiValue%. numChars must be in the range 0 through 255; if numChars equals zero, string$ returns an empty (zero-length) string.

print string$(12, "log")
print string$(9, 70)

program output:

See Also:
space$; asc; chr$; BlockFill; Appendix F - The ASCII Character Codes