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varptr   function

address = varptr({var|fn userFunction})
address = @var

varptr(var) returns the memory address where the first byte of the variable var is located. You can use this value as a "pointer" to var. If var is a local variable inside a local function, the value returned by varptr(var) may be different each time you execute the function, and is not valid after the function exits. The syntax @var is just a shorthand version of varptr(var).
varptr(fn userFunction) is identical to the @fn userFunction function.

Because the "@" symbol has a special meaning when it appears after the print or lprint keyword, you cannot use the @var syntax as the first item in a list of print items.
print @myVar# 'This does not work ("@" is misinterpreted)
print (@myVar#) 'This works.
print varptr(myVar#) 'So does this.

See Also:
@fn; dim; print; lprint; peek; poke; BlockMove