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window   function

WindowInformation = window(expr)

This function returns information related to a window (usually the current output window). The value you specify in expr determines what kind of information is returned, as described in the following paragraphs.

ID's of Active Window , Active Document Window, Active Palette Window and Output Window
Window Size
Window Position (Appearance manager)
Pen Position
Window Record Pointer
Window Class
Other Window Info (Appearance Manager)
Screen Borders in Local Coordinates
(Note that these numbers are meaningless if output is currently directed to some place other than a screen window.)

Checking Whether a Window Exists
If you specify a negative value in expr, window(expr) returns a nonzero value if there exists a window whose ID number is abs(expr); it returns zero otherwise. The returned value does not depend on whether the window is currently visible or not; it only depends on whether the window has been created (using the window statement) and not yet closed (using the window close statement).

Edit Field and Picture Field Information
If output is currently directed to a graphics port other than a screen window (e.g. to the printer, or to an offscreen GWorld), then references to the "current output window" apply to the current port, unless otherwise specified.

Some expressions not supported, including:

See Also:
window statement; edit field; SetSelect; get window; system function; appearance window