FutureBasic Status and Direction

The FBtoC project was initiated to modernize FutureBasic and its components1 and build support for the new-in-2007 universal binary format2. FBtoC was initially a standalone application and can still be used as such, but is now well integrated with the FutureBasic 5 editor. Footnotes for above:
  1. FutureBasic 4 would build only PowerPC executables
  2. Apple announced the Mac hardware transition to Intel and dropped PowerPC. Universal Binary format supports both Intel and PowerPC code
  3. Enhancements possible but not guaranteed. Submissions of verifiable code solutions to enhance FBtoC/FB5 are welcome. Submissions will be verified and considered for inclusion.
  4. FB Runtime requires Carbon and Carbon is 32-bit only, so any app built with the FB Runtime is 32-bit
The FBtoC team welcomes feedback, and may be contacted by subscribing to FB mailing list and posting with "FBtoC" in the subject line.

Updated 30 October 2014