open "method[Fork]", fileID, path$|@FSSpec[, [recLen][, refNum%[, dirID&]]]

FBtoC's OPEN statement does NOT support file paths or the refNum% and dirID& parms of FB. Paths and refNums/dirIDs can be converted easily into an FSSpec. Like FB, FBtoC supports FSSpecs.

FBtoC enhancement:
FBtoC's open statement supports FSRefs and CFURLRefs.

Examples (ref is an FSRef, url is a CFURLRef):

#if def _FBtoC	// FBtoC only

open "I", 1, @ref

open "I", 2, @url

// an FSRef cannot be created for a non-existent 
// file, so we must supply a filename
open "O", 3, fileName$, @parentFolderRef 

open "O", 4, @url

open "A", 5, @ref

open "A", 6, @url

open "R", 7, @ref

open "R", 8, @url