FBtoC Source Code - version 5.7.8 and prior is open source

The following is only interesting to FBers wanting access to FB's source code. Those who only use the end product ( i.e. FB5 ) are not directly impacted by any of this

FBtoC Open Source: FBtoC 5.7.8 and prior is open source but for now 5.7.9+ source is private. FBtoC 5.7.9 started some major source changes. Years of working together on FBtoC taught the FBtoC coding team ( mostly Bernie, Brian, Robert P., Michele and Deep ) to code in one style that we all understood and use. FB source management is nonexistent, so this working arrangement is vital to avoid screwing up the code and creating bugs. Even then it is difficult at times. Weeks and months sometimes go by before someone feels like working on FBtoC. For now, due to the major changes in the code ( Core Foundation/Cocoa - incomplete and potentially fragile ), it will remain private at least until the Core Foundation/Cocoa changes are complete.

Submissions for incorporation into the standard FBtoC: Listers are more than welcome to submit easily digestible chucks for FBtoC or editor updates. Current FBtoC source changes are 99.7% conversions to CFStrings and CFURLRefs and the logic is the same as version 5.7.8. If you are making your own custom FBtoC version, and it works with 5.7.8 source, it should be relatively easy to incorporate into current source when someone has the time/motivation to work on it. Again, please submit easily digestible ( i.e. a file, a few functions ) chucks of code and don't submit an entire FBtoC project as we don't have time to figure out what changed compared to current source.

About the Editor and current FBtoC Development 5.7.12's editor has minimal changes compared FB 5.7.8's editor because FBtoC is the focus right now and even that is more work than the three of us are willing/able to do. The current editor source only has changes in the way it communicates with FBtoC. All the code managing the editor windows, menus and basic functionality is the same as 5.7.8's editor. The 5.7.12+ editor source is available on request.

Future Direction

Summary of Open Source

FB5/FBtoC Open Source version 5.7.8 [13.5 MB]

Builidng a New FBtoC: The normal way to build a new version of FBtoC is to open the project file FBtoC.fbproj with the FutureBasic 5 editor, and choose Command > Run or Build. This uses the current release of FBtoC to build the new one. OS X 10.6 or higher is required. The newly-built FBtoC.app does not need to be embedded in the editor. All relevant functionality is available via FBtoC's menus. To avoid confusion when testing the new, you may find it best to Hide or Quit the old FBtoC.

Of historical interest: Infant_FBtoC.zip [1 KB]    FBtoC_Source_1.0a4.zip [9 KB]

The FBtoC steering/programming group at various times included, and still includes some of: Bernie Wylde, Brian Stevens, Deep, George Beckman, Jay Reeve, Ken Shmidheiser, Michele Neri, Robert Covington, Robert Purves, Robin Craig, Staz, Steve Van Voorst.

We are grateful to Steve Crossman for providing the 4toc.com site and to John Grimsley for testing with gcc-3.3.

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