FBtoC Source Code - now open source GPL licensed

The normal way to build a new version of FBtoC is to open the project file FBtoC.fbproj with the FutureBasic 5 editor, and choose Command > Run. This uses the current release of FBtoC to build the new one. OS X 10.5 or higher is required.

The newly-built FBtoC.app does not need to be embedded in the editor. All relevant functionality is available via FBtoC's menus. To avoid confusion when testing the new, you may find it best to Hide or Quit the old FBtoC.

GPL Licensed Open Source - Last updated: 30 April 2014: FB5/FBtoC Open Source.dmg [8.6 MB]

Of historical interest: Infant_FBtoC.zip [1 KB]    FBtoC_Source_1.0a4.zip [9 KB]

The FBtoC steering/programming group at various times included, and still includes some of: Bernie Wylde, Brian Stevens, Deep, George Beckman, Jay Reeve, Ken Shmidheiser, Michele Neri, Robert Covington, Robert Purves, Robin Craig, Staz, Steve Van Voorst.

We are grateful to Steve Crossman for providing the 4toc.com site and to John Grimsley for testing with gcc-3.3.

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