This site hosts both the FBtoC Project and the FutureBasic Freeware downloads. On 1 January 2008, 
Staz Software announced FutureBasic as freeware. Downloads and their executables are freeware, but source
code and rights of distribution are reserved to the respective authors (the FBtoC team and Staz Software).

FutureBasic 5 builds Mac OS X Carbon applications (32-bit only) and command-line tools (32- and 64-bit).
The FutureBasic 5 IDE consists of a syntax-aware editor, and a translator (FBtoC) that converts FB code into
C code. The translation is then compiled with one of the system compilers (gcc or clang).

Read about: Current status and direction
FutureBasic 5
Download: FutureBasic 5.7.8 [5.2 MB]  Requires OS X 10.6 or higher
Download: FB 5.7.8 examples [2.5 MB]
Browse:    FB5 documentation  FBtoC documentation
Read about: FBtoC source code

Transitioning to FB5 with OS X 10.7+
Consolidates several other installation and settings documents shown below
Read this one first: Installation and settings

Using Xcode 3/4/5 with OS X 10.7+ read: Last document page shows standard FB build settings

FB 5.7+ works almost seamlessly in OS X 10.7+ ( version 5.7.4+ required for 10.8+ ) 
Universal builds and those targeting 10.4 or 10.5 require an Xcode 3 Developer folder and FB 5.7.6 and lower.
Read: Installation and settings

Optional QuickDraw headers support in OS X 10.7+  ( requires FB 5.7.7+ )
Read: about the optional changes

Questions and bug reports:
Please direct questions and bug reports to the  FB mailing list.

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