This site hosts both the FBtoC Project and the FutureBasic Freeware downloads.

FutureBasic consists of a syntax-aware editor/IDE and a translator ( FBtoC ) that converts FB code into C/Objective-C code. The translation is then compiled with the clang system compiler.

Downloads and their executables are freeware, but source code and rights of distribution are reserved to the respective authors (the FBtoC team, Staz Software and others where noted ).

FutureBasic 6   64-bit app requiring macOS 10.13+ 
Download: FutureBasic 6.0.2   [9.6 MB]

N.B.: later in 2019 FutureBasic 6 will build only 64-bit applications.
FutureBasic 5   32-bit app for macOS 10.7 to 10.14.
Download: FutureBasic 5.8.5   [10.1 MB]
Builds either 32-bit or 64-bit applications.
Installation and Documentation

New to FutureBasic? Here is an installation overview
Standard installation instructions and Application Building Rules

Check the  Cumulative release notes for what's new in this version
Documentation:    FB documentation  FBtoC documentation
Alternate Editors/IDEs & standalone FBtoC Directory available

Enterprising enthusiasts have created their own FutureBasic editors/IDEs.
For further information, please use the contact links below or ask questions
on the FB mailing list.

NECE from Artly There
FBE from various collaborators

Standalone FBtoC and its support directory: download here
Examples/Tutorials/Support and other links

Examples: FB examples [10.8 MB]
Tutorials: Using Xcode Nibs with FutureBasic
Support: For questions, bugs & FB programming help use: FB mailing list

Other Links:
Translator Information
Large collection of older FB source loosely organized by date [137 MB]
Prior FB releases Self Education Resources Obsolete FB Resources Archived fbcocoa posts Download fbcocoa examples A Tribute to Robert Purves
Last updated: 13 July 2019